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Gobind Sarvar is open to students of all ages and abilities, from under 5 years old in the Baby Khalsa Club, to children 6-16 and above in Gobind Sarvar. An application can be completed in the Office. Please approach any Gobind Sarvar sevadaar for assistance or if you have any questions.

It is imperative that all parents complete the annual enrollment for each child. This will allow us to keep an up to date record of all information concerning each child. Most importantly the contact details are required in case of emergencies and any medical information needed by sevadaar to cater for the child’s needs. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the administrative sevadaar situated in the office of any changes in information held on record. The office will be open during class hours and a dedicated sevadaar will always be available to answer any queries.

Annual Registration Fees

There is a small annual registration fee for all students. This is to encourage attendance and ensure students and, where students are minor's, their parents value the school with avid interest due to monetary investment that is made.

 The fee policy is not designed to be, nor should be restrictive, and can be adjusted or waived if this proved a barrier for any applicant. This fee is solely utilised to fund Gobind Sarvar resources, equipment and events.

About Us:


Gobind Sarvar School is a Non-Profit organization run entirely by volunteer members (parents, youth, and staff) who work in partnership to carry out all services of the institute...


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