Course Description 

The literal meaning of the word 'Sikh' is to learn as such at Gobind Sarvar we value the concepts of lifelong learning. We aim to ensure that learning should be rewarding and enjoyable experience. In this endeavor we aim to enrich learning through first hand and practical experience with opportunities to enhance learning through participation. With a broad and balanced curriculum we aim to develop and recognize individual talents and interests. Educational visits, visiting speakers, camps, sports day, youth days, drama, play and performance are all used as positive mediums to captivate the energy of learners and to help them share experiences. With use of arts, crafts, role play, speaking and writing we hope to nurture students' work and develop confidence in advocating their Sikhi heritage.

To create a stimulating environment, we intend to develop attractive displays which reflect the curriculum and topics covered in Youth On Gobind Marg.

Students are taught as individuals, in small groups and often as a whole class. We monitor and assess every stage of learning to ensure individuals are given extra support when necessary and are challenged where appropriate.

Courses Offered 

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Gobind Sarvar School is a Non-Profit organization run entirely by volunteer members (parents, youth, and staff) who work in partnership to carry out all services of the institute...


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