Gurbani Kirtan

The Kirtan program at Gobind Sarvar is very unique in many aspects. Our focus is not solely for students to learn how to play the harmonium and sing. Our goal is to connect the youth with Gurbani at a much deeper level through Kirtan. We focus our curriculum and special events on Raags and the feelings they produce, on the theory and history of Gurmat Sangeet, and on the meanings of the Gurbani Shabads that are taught. The Kirtan program at Gobind Sarvar incorporates all aspects of Kirtan and Gurbani to allow students to experience Guru Sahib's teachings at a much deeper level. 

About Us:


Gobind Sarvar School is a Non-Profit organization run entirely by volunteer members (parents, youth, and staff) who work in partnership to carry out all services of the institute...


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